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Meet the Team

Shariq, Owner/Coach



Patrick Boone, Coach

The human body has always fascinated me throughout my life. I played soccer throughout my entire youth and in later years began Taekwondo. Both allowed me to develop into a well trained and focused athlete. After beginning high school I was able to participate in a variety of other sports such as Rugby. It was then that I realized my physical awareness and abilities were very different from team members who had participated in contact sports prior to Rugby. Once we were given the opportunity to start lifting weights and develop our lean tissues it became perfectly clear my fitness journey was just beginning. I enjoyed pushing myself to get that last rep and that feeling of accomplishment was unparalleled. It wasn’t until I started University I was able to take a program that would allow me to learn more about the human body and its various inner workings. At this time I started to seriously focus on resistance training and in doing so fell into the routine of bodybuilding. Whenever you performed research to gain better insight on different exercises and routines they all revolved around hypertrophy training or making the muscles larger. This routine was fine for a while as I was just beginning and wasn’t necessarily as strong as I would like to be but I found myself getting run down with how mundane this form of resistance training was. I realized there had to be something more out there. Through my college program and its internship, I found CrossFit. I vividly remember my first CrossFit class and the awe I felt at how simple, yet how complex it was. I remember revelling in the challenge of it and wanting to continue to learn more. Needless to say, one workout and I was hooked! I knew that CrossFit was the way I wanted to improve people’s lives, and felt joy in the great sense of community that surrounded such an amazing way to better ourselves as human beings.

I attended University at University of Ontario Institute of Technology for their Kinesiology program. This program allowed me to fully understand how mesmerizingly complicated the human body was. Such a wide variety of processes occurring just to perform even the most “simple” of tasks. I also completed by Health and Fitness diploma at Durham College which gave me the hands on skills as well as the business background that really propelled me into the position I am today. After joining a box full time where I met great coaches, great members, and a great business set-up, I knew this was where my aspirations lay, and I’ve been chasing them ever since! I look forward to building a great gym with members, Scott, and the Oshawa community, and helping those that join us build their potential. See you in the box!


Scott Pidgeon, Coach

I have always had an interest in how the body moves and why it moves certain ways ever since I was young. This curiosity led me to attend Brock University and complete my Bachelor of Kinesiology, which led me into the fitness workplace. After doing 7 years of performance training in a normal gym setting I was introduced to CrossFit and got more and more intrigued by it as time went on.

In 2014, I attained my CrossFit Level 1 Certification and opened up CrossFit 725 located in Oshawa. Over time I grew more and more in love with the sense of community that CrossFit brings along with the camaraderie and work ethic that comes with it. Everyday athletes are in the gym encouraging each other and congratulating each other on their workouts, which is a pretty cool thing to be a part of!

We really focus on technique first, and the work capacity will come as time goes on. I feel as if it’s very important to look at the body as a whole system, meaning if there are musculoskeletal imbalances in one area of your body, they could absolutely affect another part of your body based on compensation. Joint mobility, Joint stabilization, proper joint angles, and energy output are the main focus in our box and we really feel that if you stick to those principles than your progression will be very consistent with very significant decrease in injury!

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, Brock University
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • 10 years of Fitness/Training experience
  • 8 years Experience in Physical Rehabilitation
  • Certified Personal Trainer