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CFT – CrossFit


3 Sets:

1:00 Row

10 Bodyweight Single-Leg Deadlifts/Leg

-Perform weightless. Focus on your balance, and reaching down towards the ground. Try to complete all reps without placing your foot back down.

10 Single-Arm KB Swings/Side


Every 3:00 Minutes for 12:00 Minutes (4 Sets):

4 Sets:

1 Pike Handstand 180 Degrees Around Box & Back

10 Pike Position Shoulder Taps

10 Pike Position H.S.P.U

Movement Options.

Pike Handstand Around Box→Pike Position Walk Out→Static Inchworm

Pike Position Shoulder Taps→Push Up Position Shoulder Taps

Pike Positon H.S.P.U→Reduce Reps→Push Ups→Elevated Push Ups
We’re completing this as one large superset. This will really test your shoulder stamina, and will also help increase it. We want to focus on staying in the best possible position while completing the movements. Break up the sets if you need to. We’re looking for perfect reps here!


Metcon (Time)


4 RFT:

21 Box Jump-Step Down 24/20

15 Deadlifts 155/105

9 Push Jerk 155/105

Movements Options.

Box Jumps→Reduce Height→Step Ups

Deadlifts→Reduce Weight→KB Swing

Push Jerk→Reduce Weight→Push Press
Each round may very from one to the next, but we still want to keep in mind of our pacing. The box jumps can be completed slow or fast, they also provide a good oppourtunity to catch your breath. Jump up, step down. Are your deadlifts unbroken? Take rest early so that its not forced later in the workout.