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CFT – CrossFit


4 Sets:

20s Bike-Moderate/Hard

10s Bike-Recover

2 Sets:

8 Groiner W/Twist/Side

8 Bootstraps


Every 1:30 For 12:00 Minutes: (4 Sets): (4×52(12+40))

A. 2 Wall Walks+10 Wall Facing Handstand March

B. 30-40s L-Hang

Movement Options.

Wall Walk→Pike Position Walk Out→Static Inchworm

L-Hang→Hang Tuck→Hollow Hold
Alternate back and forth every 1:30 between A, and B for a total of 4 sets each.


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

30 Calorie Bike


3 RFT:

20 Thrusters 105/75

400m Run

Movement Option.

Calorie Bike→Reduce Calorie

Thrusters→Reduce Weight

Run→Reduce Distance→Row
Hold a steady pace on the bike. This isnt something that you want to sprint since it is at the start of the workout, and you have plenty of work to complete afterwards. If running is your forte, push to make up time there, and break up the Thrusters, or vice versa. Choose a weight for the Thrusters that allows you to complete them in no more than 2 sets. Have a goal in mind with how you want to approach today’s work.