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CFT – CrossFit


500m Row

2 Sets:

30s Hollow Body

10 Pull Up Bar Shoulder Retractions+10 Beat Swings

8 Groiner W/Twist/Side


Tempo Front Squat (4×4)

Every 2:30 Minutes For 10:00 Minutes (4 Sets):

4 Tempo Front Squat

3s Descent

3s Pause

Explode Up

Stay strict with the tempo. Increase weight from the previous weeks if possible.


Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Every 3:00 Minutes For 15:00 Minutes (5 Sets):

15 Calorie Row (45s Cap)

8 Power Cleans 155/105

12 T2B

Movement Options.

Power Cleans→Hang Power Cleans→Reduce Weight

Toes To Bar→Knees To Elbows→Hanging Knee Raise→Ab-Mat Sit Ups

Row→Reduce Calories
Choose a weight that allows you to cycle the Power Cleans. Aim to hold onto them for unbroken sets, and really focus on your barbell cycling.

Reduce the reps for the Toes To Bar, and Calorie Row so that it doesn’t take you longer than 40-45s to complete/movement. Use the remaining time left in the 3:00 minutes to bring your heart rate down. Breathe deeply.

Goal is consistent split times/round, or increasing pace.