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CFT – CrossFit


2 Sets For Quality:

16 Dead Bugs (8/8)

8 Single Leg Stand And Reach Deadlifts/Side-No Weight

10 Forward, Backward, Sideways L & R Mini Band Glute Act.


3 Sets: Increasing Pace

200m Run

R: 0:30s

250m Row

R: 1:00

Rest 3:00-4:00 After Last Set

This work is to prep the system so you can put your best foot forward for your run (no pun intended), and row. Running and rowing is simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy We want to warm up your body, your mechanics and build up to your pace.

Aerobic Capacity

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run
Movement Options.

Run→Reduce Distance→10:00 Minute Bike

Rest 50% Of Your Time, Then Move Onto Your Row.

Try your best to keep moving through your run. Take rest as you need by walking, but once you have caught your breath, pick up the pace again.

If you have completed a 1 Mile Run before, now Is your chance to see where your capacity is at. Start off with a hard pace that you know you can maintain, and push near the end.

Once you have completed your 1 Mile Run, rest 50% of your time, and then complete your 1000m Row.

1000m Row (Time)

Max Effort 1000m Row
Maintain a consistent split throughout your row. Similar to the 1 Mile run, we want to start off with a hard pace that can be maintained. Push near the end. Focus on long, strong pulls.