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Day 20 PLANK-A-THON – 4:10 Plank (2×2:05 R: 0:30s)


Day 20 PLANK-A-THON – 4:10 Plank (2×2:05 R: 0:30s)

CFT – CFT Outside The Box

Great work from everyone trooping outside yesterday and crushing those runs!

The workout was only a 5 Round workout. You had the option between the 2. We did notice that some of you ended up doing 10 rounds. We salute your efforts!

We had a few reach out regarding different modifications for the days program. Please don’t hesitate to ask, we want to make sure you can bring your best effort with what you have!

If you forget your time or rounds/reps complete of a workout just input a score of 0.


3 Rounds For Quality:

6 Prone Swimmers

8 Scorpions/Side

30s Pigeon Stretch/Leg


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

24 Minute EMOM (6 Sets):

40s Max Reps Of Box Jumps

R: 0:20s

40s Max Reps Of H.S.P.U

R: 0:20s

40s Max Reps Of Squat Hops

R: 0:20s

40s Max Reps Of Strict Dips

R: 0:20s
Accumulate as many reps as possible with the 40s of given time/movment. Your score for today is the total amount of reps performed.

Modifications For Today’s Workout:

Step-ups can be performed in place of the box jumps. Use a stable surface for jumping/stepping onto. That could be a bench outside in a park, a chair at home etc.

We did quite a few push ups on Tuesday, so were substituting Floor Walk Outs/Static Inchworms in place of Handstand Push Ups. Floor Walk Outs/Static Inchworms are standing with legs logged out, bend over to reach the floor, walk as far forward with your hands as you can into a push up position, and then walk back. You can also hold a Wall-Support Handstand if you would like.