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Day 22 PLANK-A-THON – 4:30 Plank (2×2:15 R: 0:30s)


Day 22 PLANK-A-THON – 4:30 Plank (2×2:15 R: 0:30s)

CFT – CFT Outside The Box


3 Rounds For Quality:

30s Glute Bridge

-These can be loaded if you have a weight. Hold it on your hips.

8 Side Plank Rotations/Side

8 Samson Stretch/Leg


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

12 Minute AMRAP:

2 Wall Walks

2-4-6-8-10-12-14…Reps Of:

Overhead Lunge
Today’s workout is a short one. We’ve been hitting it pretty hard the past couple of days. Happy to see everyone’s results, and efforts to get outside and start running.

Perform 2 Wall Walks or the modification prior to each set of Overhead Lunges. Continue to add 2 reps to the lunges each set until the amrap is over.

Modifications For Today:

Go as far as you feel comfortable with the wall walks and stop there. The aim is to get right up against the wall. Otherwise, 20 Push Up Position Shoulder Taps can be used as a substitute.

For the Overhead Lunge, use an object that allows you to evenly balance overhead. Lock the arms out and press straight up.

Score is total reps added up. Wall Walks+Every Set Of Lunges