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Day 26 PLANK-A-THON -5:10 Plank (2×2:35 R: 0:40s)


Day 26 PLANK-A-THON -5:10 Plank (2×2:35 R: 0:40s)

CFT – CFT Outside The Box

We have exciting news coming regarding program change and some equipment being lent out.

Be on the look out for the email today!


3 Rounds For Quality:

5 Prone Swimmers

8 Single Leg Glute Bridge W/2s Pause At Top

30s Pigeon Stretch/Side


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Sets:

12 Split Squats/Leg

12 Single-Leg Deadlift/Leg

Max Unbroken Dips

R: 1:30
Today’s workout is more strength based. Load the split squats and single deadlifts as best you can with items around the house. Perform the dips until failure. Note the total amount of dips as your score.