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Day 28 PLANK-A-THON -5:30 Plank (2×2:45, R: 0:40s)


Day 28 PLANK-A-THON -5:30 Plank (2×2:45, R: 0:40s)

CFT – CFT Outside The Box

If you still need equipment, set up a time to come by through the link in the email. Otherwise, we will program based off of what you currently have at home.

A link regarding your access to TrueCoach will be sent over the weekend. You’ll have the ability to input the equipment you have there.

We are ecstatic to see everyone today that is coming by to pick something up. We are having withdrawals more than you may know.

Please make sure you are on time so we don’t overlap and maintain our social distancing.

See you shortly!


3 Rounds For Quality:

8 Side Plank Rotations/Side

6-8 Pike H.S.PU

8 Bootstraps


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

50 Burpees

40 Zombie Sit-Ups

30 Cossack Lunges

100 Weighted Narrow Stance Elevated Goblet Squats

30 Cossack Lunges

40 Zombie Sit-Ups

50 Burpees
Todays workout is a descending to ascending ladder with a bit of juice to fire up the legs some more in the middle. Stick to a continuous pace. Most movements can be done fast or slow, but at the end can be maintained. The Narrow Stance Elevated Squats will tax the quads. Break those up as needed.

Modifications for Today’s Workout:

Perform lateral step ups if flexibility is a limiting factor in reaching full range with the Cossack Lunge. You can also hold onto a stable post to support yourself.

Perform the Narrow Stance Elevated Goblet Squats with a weight.